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I’ve been a member of Touch of┬áModern for a few years and have grown to love their product line and deals. The site is nicely designed, but there are a couple things that annoy me when on their product page.

They have a nice big product image and usually a lot of thumbnails. They also have nice, large font and a very nice call to action.

However, if you hover over the main image to see it zoomed in the design covers the product name, price, and call to action. The description is also blocked.

The large image is about the same size as the zoomed image. I’d suggest showing the zoomed image in the same place as the large default image to allow for the user to continue reading all the information even while zooming.

Another issue is the interaction between the main image and thumbnails. When the large image is in view you are unable to see all of the thumbnails.

And if you scroll down to see the thumbnails and select one of the lower thumbnails, you’ll have to scroll back up to see the image change. This forces you to do a lot of extra scrolling. It’s not super critical, but on a scale of 1 to 10, it is probably a 6 for annoying.

I’m not sure what a good solve would be, but something can probably be done to keep the user from scrolling.

If you have thoughts on how this could be fixed, drop a comment below.


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